Yellowcat is a new way of navigating the Gulf of poets and the famous Cinque Terre on a
shiny new Catamaran boat. Run by a crew of professionals in the field of yachting and sailing with real experience and passion for the Mediterranean sea.

Neri Marrani started sailing in 1999 and has then worked as a skipper in the Mediterranean sea with charter yachts companies and as captain on vintage yachts and sailboats up to 50 mt. (164 ft.). Neri has participated in italian and international regattas and holds 7 Atlantic Ocean crossings and 1 Pacific.

Ivana Catalfamo was introduced to the world of recreational boating as a child, and ever since she was passionate about navigating the Mediterranean sea. Ivana has an extensive experience and an impeccable curriculum as sailor on sailboats and yachts and has worked as chief stewardess on luxury yachts and VIP cruises.